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Integrative dentistry is an approach to dental care that focuses on the whole person rather than only treating specific dental problems. We consider our patients' teeth and gums, but also their diet, lifestyle, and overall well-being. We aim to help our patients live happier, healthier lives by addressing the root causes of dental problems and using non-toxic, bio-compatible materials for dental restorations.

WHAT IS airway

Airway dentistry is a holistic approach that focuses on the relationship between the mouth, jaw, and airway. We consider the structure and function of the upper airway and aim to identify and address any issues to improve breathing and prevent or alleviate related health problems, such as sleep apnea, snoring, and other breathing disorders. Treatment may include tongue-tie release, myofunctional therapy, orthodontic intervention or oral appliances.

do you treat children?

Yes, we welcome the entire family at Daydream Dental! In certain instances, we may refer children with especially complex treatment or who require sedation to a pediatric dentist.

do you accept insurance?

Yes, we work with most types of insurance. We also offer an in-office membership for patients who do not have insurance. We aim to make dental care affordable for everyone. Give us a call to ask about your specific coverage.

what languages are spoken in the office?

Yes, we have nitrous oxide available to patients with dental anxiety or who have an overactive gag reflex.

do you offer nitrous oxide?

English, Spanish and French.

Yes! We want all of our patients to experience the confidence that comes from loving your smile. We offer many ways to enhance your teeth that are minimally invasive, including clear aligners, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Book a complimentary consult with Dr. Carlston to explore different treatment options.

Do you do cosmetic treatments, like veneers?


do you offer
nitrous oxide?

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